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Ballooning is the safest way to fly. The pilot is always highly qualified. All flights are carried out according to the directives established by the Civil Aviation Authority.

The balloon has no rudder and travels with the wind, before departure a rough route is assumed, the real route is discovered only after take-off. Each flight is different from the other.

 Balloon flights take place shortly after sunrise, the time of day when the weather conditions are calmer.

The flight is carried out only in good weather conditions. The Pilot knows all the weather forecasts, including an FAA flight briefing, in order to determine if conditions are favourable.

After reaching the take-off field and after a thorough briefing with all passengers, the exciting assembly and inflation phase of the balloon begins, which passengers are allowed to join in.

It takes about 10 minutes to heat the inside of the balloon until it reaches 100 degrees centigrade to allow the balloon to lift off the ground. The preparation phase takes about 35 minutes; the flight lasts about 1 hour, depending on the weather and wind conditions and at the discretion of the pilot. The ground crew follows the balloon, in radio contact, ready for the recovery of passengers after landing.

After take-off you can admire a 360 ° panorama. We will fly over the tops of the trees, we will be surprised animals unaware of the silent presence of the balloon. Going higher, you will see fields and rural landscapes of rare beauty flow under your eyes. In particularly fortunate conditions, if the conditions allow it, it will be possible to witness the spectacle of the clouds at close range.

Once on the ground, a flight certificate will be given and it will be an opportunity to celebrate with a toast and a tasting of excellent local products.

In the standard flight the balloon is shared with other participants, if instead you choose the exclusive flight, the same is entirely reserved for a couple or a group of people.


The purpose of the courses is discovering a population through history, art, culture, traditions, but also understanding its identity through the flavours and colours offered by good typical cuisine, enjoying products with the scents of the past era that still remain intact today. This is Salento cuisine, a poor and simple cuisine that uses seasonal products, grown by farmers and therefore healthy and nutritious, impregnated with strong genuine and homemade flavours; it is the result of a balance between peasant and seafaring gastronomic tradition, including dishes with delicate but sometimes intense flavours.

It is a cuisine whose origins are native from the past, at the time of Magna Graecia and the Roman Empire, but which has been enriched over the centuries by also adopting the gastronomic traditions of the many peoples who have alternated in the area: Byzantines, Arabs, Normans , Angevins and Aragonese.

The dishes made will be tasted by all the participants around a convivial table, paired with fine wines led by an expert oenologist.


An unique experience which guests can find themselves in contact with the sea and actively participate in fishing activities. After embarking on a fishing boat, we will go wide and pull up the fishing nets. Guests can actively participate in fishing. Then we will stop at the height of a wreck. A dive together to admire the remains of a sunken fishing boat, which has become the natural habitat of numerous varieties of fish. Upon returning to the port, the fishermen will explain to the guests the fish cleaning techniques while the chef will illustrate the typical seafood recipes of the place. Together we will prepare a very good Torre Vado fish soup. Dinner with lots of fresh roasted fish, always on board the fishing boat, tasting of excellent wines in combination.


Cyclists are normally marked as people with an environmental sensitivity, a great passion for cycling as a means of transport and as a lifestyle, a lively curiosity for places unknown to the general public and a great adaptability to unexpected situations. Providing cycling activities  is a way of traveling that goes beyond the usual itineraries of standard tourism. Cycling is a way of discovering the area slowly and directly, breathing the same air and observing everything without filters.

On two wheels you can explore nature intensely, without damaging it; and also a mountain bike route brings with it important benefits for the body.

Cycling tours are a perfect solution for those wishing to combine physical exercise, varied landscapes and cultural attractions of a territory.

The goal is to combine the usefulness of sporting activity with the pleasure of slow travel, allowing you to look around in the landscape, feeling the smells, sounds and noises of particularly suggestive places. It is a perfect combination to enjoy the beauties of the landscape and the historical-artistic beauties with calm and tranquillity. You will travel along cycle paths and country roads. The proposed routes provide for the right balance between art, culture and nature. You can reach them by bicycle and visit ancient farms, villages, villas, and beautiful villages as well as taste typical food and wine products.


Walking inside the parks represents a new way to keep fit and visit new places, rediscovering the love for nature and the slowness of the journey.

The phenomenon of travel on foot is increasing in the last years thanks the interest in the outdoors, respectful of the environment and nature. This is not a trend but an increasingly phenomenon.

The meaning of trekking must be sought in the English verb to trek, which means to take a long journey, walking slowly, a mix between walking in the midst of nature and hiking.

Trekking remains a great way to immerse yourself in nature and visit a place in a more sustainable way.

Traveling on foot is the oldest way to travel. Slowness leads to better enjoy the landscape, to pay more attention to the places you visit. You have time to tell your stories and those of your travel companions. At the end of a journey on foot, one is richer and calmer because walking frees the mind from stress and releases the accumulated negative energy.


The massage helps to recover psychophysical well-being through a decontracting, relaxing, toning and draining effect. An ideal mix to fully face the days with vitality. Our contact is an association of professionals who have been operating in the area for many years.


A yoga activity is ideally for a journey to a place surrounded by natural beauty. Relax body, mind and spirit by practicing yoga and meditation on the beaches or in the shade of pine forests and natural places. Connect with the earth, the sea, air, fire and essential elements and feel an intimate sense of rejuvenation, health and happiness.

The program full of emotions and yoga practices is punctuated by moments of relaxation and personal exploration.


Mindfulness meditation is a technique that allows you to increase the ability to concentrate, see things more clearly, develop creativity and a sense of connection with the world.


The pizzica has very ancient origins probably to date back to very common Dionysian cults of the Salento area, coming from Greece, and made their own by the local populations.

For several years, in the Salento area of ​​Lecce, various players and dancers have spread a neo-pizzica substantially different from the tradition, which has had considerable success among young people, especially in summer evenings at music venues; in addition to the curative aspect, this dance as required by the Dionysian cults from which it comes, however, is essentially a moment of release and liberation: it involves a show courtship, with slow and studied movements of the wrists and hands (unlike the classic pizzica which it involved more decisive movements) close gazes, slow little steps, attitudes of escape, pursuit and acceptance, fascinating rotations. The pinch then becomes sensuality again, where the woman expresses her femininity also by wearing wide skirts and wide scarves, keeping her hair loose and moving the dance.


We want recreate the emotions and the unique atmosphere of the villages in celebration, for weddings, special occasions or corporate events immersed in the magic of a typical Apulian farmhouse. A journey full of suggestions and emotions to be undertaken with guests. There will also be the fantastic play of lights of the illuminations; the musical band which will cheer the guests with their sound. Fireworks and the typical products of the Apulian gastronomic tradition will be also attractions provided. An unique experience for the guests, every time they will join us.

We can organize:

  • Conferences
  • Business dinners
  • Corporate events
  • Weddings
  • Anniversaries
  • Birthdays
  • Baptisms
  • Communions
  • Confirmations
  • Cocktail party

Periodically the resort will organize events with a strong Salento connotation. From lunches and / or dinners with menus linked to history and food and wine culture, to musical pizzica evenings, to traditional musical instruments courses, to pizzica courses.

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