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How to plan a trip to Puglia: Tips and Tricks

You’ve made up your mind, the next holiday will be spent in Puglia! Perfect, the main thing (the destination choice) is done! Now it’s time to plan the trip! What is the best time of the year to go? How will I get around? Are there public transportation options? Car or Plane? Apartment or Hotel?
These are straightforward questions, but finding quick and useful answers is very difficult. Here’s a short guide that could be useful to you.


Being in a place of tourist interest, prices tend to follow the classic trend of being in the low (in May, June, and September), mid (July), and high (August) season. Therefore, the best season to go in is definitely the low season. Along with considerable savings in terms of “piccioli” (an old dialect word for smaller amounts of money), this period also provides fantastic weather, there’s sun but it’s not very strong and the air is refreshingly nice. Another favourable point about this season is that you’re not going to find the typical crowds of August, so no lines and no parking panic.

How do I get there and move around?

The most comfortable solution is a mix of both a flight and car rental. The public transportation options don’t cover all the areas in the territory. While there is a taxi service, n.c.c, it’s quite expensive, even for short rides.
In Puglia there are 2 airports. One in Bari and one in Brindisi. The latter is in the middle of the South of Puglia , the Salento area, and has recently undergone restructuring, in terms of both the infrastructure and the selection of flights. If you want to check flight costs to and from Brindisi, I recommend the site “Skyscanner”.

Where do I sleep: Apartment or Hotel?

For this matter, there’s an abundance of choices. Apulia is an area with continuous development. You can find many specific solutions tailored to your needs. Staying in an apartment is the right choice if you want comfort and independence. But sometimes it’s nice to rely on organized establishments like a hotel. The added value of this solution is that you will always have a staff member at your service. Furthermore, the staff is made up mostly of local people and it would be much easier to get recommendations and tips from them to better enjoy the food, places, and traditional Apulian celebrations.

The choice will be even easier if you know places like Tenuta la Baronessa, where it’s possible to choose between various options: large and comfortable apartments that are completely independent, or rooms in the hotel. All surrounded by a beautiful backdrop: a 12-hectare park with a farm, pools, and above all else parking.

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