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5 Super fun activities with kids in Apulia

Are you searching for interesting activities to engage your kids in close contact experiences with nature? Excellent, this article is made for you.

Time and activity planning are the most boring stages of a trip. So, when it’s necessary to seek out activities that children will like, it becomes truly complicated, but not impossible. Here’s a little list of activities that may help you discover hidden gems in Apulia, for kids obviously.

  1. The Sidrereus Astronomical Park ( Salve) –> 37 minutes from Tenuta la Baronessa
The star terrace – The Sidrereus park ( Salve) , Credits: official website

It’s an observatory surrounded by a 5,000 square meter park that offers very unique attractions such as:
The Interactive Planetarium, with it’s 6 meter diameter dome and the possibility of seating up to 50 visitors inside. Here it’s possible to admire the sight of 88 star constellations and much more
The star terrace with a series of telescopes available to admire all the celestial bodies,
The radio telescope to listen to the sweet noise of the stars
Archeo-astronomy which is the replication of ancient time measuring instruments,
The Gallery of the Sciences which is an exhibition of scientific and spatial material with a space dedicated to experiments.

2.The Jonian Dolphin Conservation ( Taranto) –> 1 hour and 40 minutes from Tenuta la Baronessa

Delphin sighting during an excursion, Tripadvisor credits:  Caro D

It’s a scientific research association that offers among other activities, the possibility of an excursion in Catamaran to admire the inhabitants of the sea of the Gulf of Taranto, in particular the cetaceans (whales) which are aquatic animals with lung respiration. The most beautiful part is the time of dolphin sighting which has the possibility of approaching them (in full respect of them), to observe them closely. It’s nice to know that by paying the ticket price you contribute to the research activities of this association.

3. La Cutura Botanical Garden ( Giuggianello) –> 34 minutes from Tenuta la Baronessa

The Cutura Botanical Garden , Tripadvisor credits: Giko182

It’s a 35 hectare park which differents environments divided by the types of plants and trees. The most interesting spaces particularly for children are the Lily Ponds and the secret garden that has a list of rare, almost mysterious plants inside. This park has also a lot of animals such as ducks, geese, swans, and other types of birds left free to fly around and roam. You can also request a guide. I’d advise you to go in the late afternoon and then make a dinner reservation in their delicious outdoor restaurant where you can taste the traditional Salento cuisine.

4. The Salento Aquarium (L’acquario del Salento, Santa Maria al Bagno) –> 10 minutes from Tenuta la Baronessa.

The Salento Aquarium , Tripadvisor credits: Mattiar690

It’s been developed in 4 areas and hosts about 17 pools of sea water. In addition to the presentation of The Salento Marine Fauna, the constructed path recounts the main shipwrecks and sinkings along the Jonica coast. Little known fact: at the end of the guided tour you can stand in the corner of creativity to draw and photograph the fish.

5. Guided tour on the farm at Tenuta la Baronessa (Tuglie)

Farm visit in Tenuta la Baronessa

The farm stretches over a 6 hectare park. Between the horses, cows, and chickens it’s guaranteed that children will be entertained and surprised. From the milking of cows, gathering of the eggs, the landwork, the production of honey and more, there are many activities that can be seen and experienced closely, bringing the most authentic side of our rural culture. During the summer, the many opportunities and activities proposed bring to life true farm holidays for children.

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