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Torre San Giovanni beaches, what to visit

What to visit in Torre San Giovanni: family itinerary

If you love the seaside, this will be the perfect stop for you: pure sandy beaches alternate with small rocky coves, where the predominant colour is the turquoise of the sea.

Torre San Giovanni, marinas of Ugento,  is an unmissable stop at about 20 kilometers on the south from Tenuta La Baronessa Resort.

It takes its name from an ancient tower built by Charles 5th to defend from Saracens attacks. It is popular for its crystal-clear water, three times Blue Flag of the Foundation for Environmental Education but that’s not all…

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Instagram Credits: Matteo Arghirò

Natural Park of Ugento

In the surroundings of Torre San Giovanni, there is a magnificent nature reserve called Parco Naturale del Litorale di Ugento. It has recently been recognized its historical, natural and environmental value. 1,600 hectares of territory are populated by various vegetable and animal species.
Just to give you an idea, let’s start from the sea: a stroll along the fluffy sand beach, collecting white shells… it is a dream come true!
Having a swim would be very fun, especially if you bring with you a mask; the sea bottom is full of colours and even in shallow-water there will be lots of curious colourful fishes.

Going from the seaside to the countryside, there are the dunes: some of them could be very high but despite that they are all walkable (even by children!)

Instagram Credits: Matteo Arghirò

Just a little tip: it would be better walking with children from 4 years old up; since there are natural paths, it would be hard to drag a stroller.

Serre di Ugento

Among the marsh and alluvial landscapes, we suggest you the unique Serre di Ugento, large parallel canals that are perpendicular to the coast.

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Instagram Credits: Matteo Arghirò

Centre of Torre San Giovanni

After the seaside adventure, you can have a relaxing walk in the tiny centre of Torre San Giovanni; it is a small town on the sea. At night, when the sun goes down, the promenade becomes a pedestrian area, so as to stroll safely. But don’t worry: parking won’t be a problem since the residential area is full of parking lots.
The promenade gets lively: nice sea-view restaurants and more… book launches, live music, festivals and folkloristic events!

Last but not least, there are two public playgrounds close to the beach… the kids will be happy!

passeggino tprre san giovanni destinazione family friendly
Flickr credits: Rossella86

Have you ever seen the Parco Naturale in Ugento? And the promenade of Torre San Giovanni?

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