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What to do in Gallipoli with your partner

Gallipoli is an incredible city at all times of the day and night.

To clearly tell you about it, today I want to begin at the moment the sun starts to set, at the moment in which the sun sets on the Calabrian mountains, along the burning horizon.

The historic quarter of Gallipoli is a small island connected to the mainland by a bridge. I recommend that you remember to keep to the right and follow the signs for the port. Once you’ve found parking there will be stairs or a ramp to access the historic center.


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Along the entire perimeter there are a lot of small terraces just behind the walls. Facing the sea, along the walls, you will see a small bay: “La spiaggia della Purità”. A small and charming place that I will talk about later.

Above this small beach you’ll see many restaurants including some wine Bar where it’s nice to just sit down and have a nice glass of chilled wine. The lights are often dimmed to give that little extra sprinkle of romance.

Try searching on Google for:

 Blanc, in the historic center. I like it a lot because it has a refined taste in it’s elegant furnishing. It has many small sofas, soft lighting, chic live music, and is never boring. Leo, the landlord, is very kind and helpful.


The Spingula, also in the historic center, is a very small place but it has barrel-shaped tables right on the ramparts.

la spingula al tramonto
Instagram Credits @serenalfarano_80

The Bastione, the terrace overlooking the sea. Close your eyes for a moment and try to imagine a glass of wine on a summer evening, almost on the sea. This is the feeling you will feel if you choose this location to have a super romantic evening in Gallipoli

Instagram Credits: @susybifulco

If you prefer to move around , what is more relaxing than getting lost in the streets of the historic center? Narrow alleys and ancient buildings. Balconies with colorful flowers.

This is a poor land that lives on tourism and agriculture. The strongest connections are with the sea and land. Often the courtyards of many historical centers tell of their various evolutions.

Did you know that in 1200, Gallipoli was one of the most important merchant ports in Europe for the marketing of lamp oil? Many of the old oil mills have now become gathering spots for authentic storytellings about the history of these places.

castello gallipoli
Rivellino Castle

The Rivellino Castle of Gallipoli also tells a beautiful story. The castle is well kept, clean, and a distinct characteristic with it’s 9 sided room, perhaps the only one in the world, which also often hosts beautiful photography exhibitions.

Why not look for some nice wine tasting? We have several absolutely beautiful beautiful beautiful cellars here. But this is another story already with another post here on this blog. 🙂

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