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The 10 most beautiful beaches in Puglia – Ionian Sea

Salento is a land to discover, thanks to its favourable location that’s close to two seas, the Ionian and Adriatic.

It’s rich with uncontaminated landscapes where the coast lies softly on the sea, alternating from beaches and sandy dunes to rocky coasts that overlook the sea.

The Ionian side is characterized by the presence of long sandy coastlines, while the Adriatic side is defined by an almost always rocky coast, but that doesn’t make it any less beautiful. In this article we’ll focus on the Ionian side, with overviews of the most beautiful beaches to visit in Salento. Ready? Let’s go!

1.Punta Prosciutto

(45 minutes by car from Tenuta la Baronessa)

Punta Prosciutto
Punta Prosciutto, Flickr credits: Alberto Bizzini

Punta Prosciutto is part of the city of Porto Cesareo and it’s a seaside town situated in close proximity to Torre Lapillo, at the border between the provinces of Lecce and Taranto.

The particularity of its seabed has led to the presence of a wetland with numerous unique animal and plant species, so much so that a natural park called “Riserva delle Paludi del Conte e delle Dune di Punta Prosciutto” (The Reserve of the Marshes of the Conte and Dunes of Punta Prosciutto”) has been built.

How does the beach look?

It has sandy seabeds and shallow and clear water.

Ideal for families and lovers of water sports like Kitesurfing, Windsurfing, and Scuba Diving

2.Torre Lapillo

(40 minutes by car from Tenuta la Baronessa)

Torre Lapillo
Torre Lapillo, Flickr credits: Vinicio Chirivì

Torre Lapillo, a locality of Porto Cesareo, is a small fishing town halfway between Punta Prosciutto and Porto Cesareo.

The name comes from the presence of a watchtower, which dates back to the 16th century, built by Charles V to defend the territory from Saracen attacks.   

What is its unique aspect?

Its bay of around 4 km that looks like a really long white sand tongue. It’s partly open, and partly occupied by equipped beach facilities.

It’s ideal for families.

3.Porto Cesareo

(30 minutes by car from Tenuta la Baronessa)

Porto Cesareo, Instagram credits: Fabio_c78

It looks like a jagged and discontinuous coast, where splendid coves alternate with golden beaches near a cobalt blue sea.

Just in front of the coast there’s a group of small islands, the biggest being called “Isola dei conigli”, a part of the natural reserve “Paludi del Conte e delle Dune di Punta Prosciutto”.

The station of marine biology “La stazione di biologia marina” is of great naturalistic interest.

It’s located in the city centre along with the Museum of natural marine and fishing history, which were created thanks to the help of the University of Salento.

Porto Cesareo is truly a must-visit destination, but if you would like to know more read our article

4. San Torre Sant’Isidoro

(25 minutes by car from Tenuta la Baronessa)

Torre Sant'Isidoro
Torre Sant’Isidoro, Flickr credits: Carmelo Ranieri

Sant’Isidoro, along with Santa Maria al Bagno and Santa Caterina, is one of the marines of Nardò.

It’s located between Porto Cesareo and Gallipoli.

This place also takes the name of the watchtower that stands on the coast, which dates back to the 16th century and was built to defend the territory.

The sandy bay and shallow sea make this a very popular destination for families.  


(7 minutes by car from Tenuta la Baronessa)

Gallipoli, spiaggia della Purità
Gallipoli, Flickr credits: angelo Babbaro

Gallipoli has been defined as the “Pearl of the Ionian” because of its beauty, elegance, while having at the same time a wildness to it.

In this place you’ll find very long stretches of sand, and in the Baia Verde also some rocky terrain at the start.

There’s an area right after Baia Verde and just before the “Punta della suina” that’s beautiful because it’s still unknown and uncontaminated.

There you’ll find a mix of rocky and sandy coast, with a crystal clear sea along with a convenient pine forest to take shelter from the burning Apulia sun.

Want to know more about Gallipoli’s beaches ? Read our article here

6. Torre Mozza

(30 minutes by car from Tenuta la Baronessa)

Torre Mozza
Torre Mozza, Instagram Credits: delo_nata

Untouched and pristine beaches are what define Torre Mozza, a marina of Ugento, that’s located halfway between Lido Marini and Torre San giovanni.

This beach still keeps an original and wild atmosphere far away from all the confusion.

It’s part of the regional park “Litorale di Ugento” as it has dense vegetation consisting mostly of Mediterranean maquis and a dense pine forest of Aleppo pine.

7.Torre San Giovanni

(35 minutes by car from Tenuta la Baronessa)

Torre San Giovanni, Flickr credits: Viaggiatore da 2 soldi

Hamlet and marina of Ugento, it extends along a coast of 8 km which begins with a rocky belt and then becomes sandy towards Lido Marini.

Its unique aspect?

The colour and consistency of the sand is like white flower and blue crystal clear seawater.

In some areas there are stretches of very beautiful pine forests which help those who suffer from extreme summer heat.

The historical centre of Torre San Giovanni is very nice. 

If you want more information about a visit in Torre San Giovanni, visit our article

8.Torre Pali

(35 minutes by car from Tenuta la Baronessa)

torre pali instagram credit andrea sciuga
Torre pali, Instagram credit :andrea sciuga

The Torre Pali marina is included in the municipality of Salve’s territory. The white beaches and small cliffs that alternate between colours allows direct access to the sea.

A unique aspect?

In the stretch of coastline from Torre pali to Torre Mozza there are famous “shoals” which are protruding rocks that, today as in the past, hinder sea routes and frighten sailors who are about to cross this area.

9.Lido Marini

(30 minutes by car from Tenuta la Baronessa)

lido marini instagram credit iconsiglidirocca
Lido Marini, Instagram credit: iconsiglidirocca

The Lido Marini bay is around 2km wide and has very fine golden sand which is why it’s loved by families with children.

Near the end of it, towards Santa Maria di Leuca, the sandy beach transforms into very short cliffs with crystal clear water.

Obviously the coast has both pre-equipped and public beach facilities.


(30 minutes by car from Tenuta la Baronessa)

pesculuse flickr engrailed80
Pesculuse, Flickr credits: engrailed80

15 kilometres from Santa Maria di Leuca you find another pearl of the ionian sea, its rare beauty has given it the nickname “Maldives of Salento” (which is also the name of a beach with equipped beach facilities in the area).

Today, the location is also loved for its natural heritage, both cultural and historical.

Near the coastal area there are a couple traditional rural structures like the “dolmen” and the “pajare”.

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