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Apulian Traditional products : which and where to buy them

If you want to discover some traditional Apulian delicacies you can try, whether it’s on the spot or at home, then this article is written for you!

During your vacation you’re too busy trying everything and you have little time to pack stuff to bring home. 

In this article you’ll find a list of traditional Apulian food and wine products that you’ll be able to get and pack in your luggage, with a couple tips of where to buy them.

A little something, whether thought of as a souvenir for some friend and/or relative or simply a memory for yourself of the vacation, is always a beautiful thing. 

1. Pagnotta di Grano duro (Durum Wheat Pagnotta)

Pane di Altamura
Pane di Altamura instagram Credit Francesca Montinaro

It can have a compact form (around 20cm in diameter) or a larger one (around 30cm in diameter).

Usually it’s very good even without condiments and in the more traditional trattoria’s (a type of restaurant) you’ll recognize it in the bread basket.

A little tip?

At home you can re-toast it on the grill or in the oven, with a lick of garlic, extra virgin olive oil (absolutely from Puglia too), and cherry tomatoes.

A unique version is the one from Altamura, which is recognized as the first DOP (Protected Designation of Origin) and IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) bread.

A well known bakery in the lower Salento area, near Tuglie, is “l’Antico Forno” in Chiesanuova, which is a district of Sannicola.

In the summer this local bakery also have a location in Lido Conchiglie, near the beaches area.

Inside the shop, you’ll find a kingdom of baked goods: from the traditional pagnotta di grano duro to friselle, tartalli, and even all dried sweets .

2. Extra virgin olive oil

Olio extra vergine di Oliva
Olio extra vergine di Oliva, Instagram credit: cantina del Ponticello

Puglia, and more specifically Salento, has always been recognized as an olive oil producer of the highest quality. H

However, for years the lower part of the region has been fighting a battle to the death against a certain type of bacteria, the famous Xylella.

It has devastated a large amount of olive groves in Salento.

This situation has made it very difficult to find good extra virgin olive oil.

Difficult, but not impossible!

For example, just steps away from Tuglie, in Sannicola, there’s the agricultural co-op “Olearia sannicolese”.

Inside they have an oil mill and a shop selling traditional products, among them is the oil they produce in their mill.

This co-op is so well organized that they also have an online store where you can get products shipped directly to your house. Convenient, no?   

3. Scaiozzi and Almond pastries 

Mustaccioli Instagram Credit claudia annie
Scaiozzi ,Instagram Credit Claudia Annie

The scaiozzi (or mustaccioli) are traditional christmas sweets, but you can now find them throughout the year.

They’re special as they are made using autumn spices (cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg) and covered with a very good chocolate glaze.

The almond pastries (Paste di mandorla) are like very sugary small sweets and have various flavours and shapes.

The most popular are definitely “i Divini amori” (small almond pastry balls with a delicate orange and lemon flavor, covered with white icing) and “i Quaresimali”.

They’re very similarly shaped, but have a different mix and preparation.

A super traditional pastry shop, specializing in the production of dried almond-based pastries, is located in Gallipoli, on Via Udine and is called “De Rosa Bar Pasticceria”.

4. Orecchiette 

Orecchiette instagram orecchiette in puglia
Orecchiette, Instagram credits: orecchiette in puglia

There are two main categories of Orecchiette: that of soft wheat (with a light colour) and those of durum wheat. The latter known as “arso” (“burnt”, with a darker color and a stronger flavor).

In any trattoria in Puglia you can try them, but know that it’s possible to buy them from any bakery in Salento, and slowly enjoy them at home.

One of the easier toppings to make is turnip tops which originate from the traditional cuisine of central Puglia.

Here in Salento, the orecchiette are served with meatball sauce ( we’ve spoken about this traditional dish in this article) and a nice sprinkle of fresh cacioricotta cheese

In the Gallipoli area, I’d like to point out a trusted pasta factory: La Spiga D’Oro, on Via XX Settembre n.26 .  

5.  Cupeta 

Cupeta instagram ester sorgente
Cupeta, Instagram credits: ester sorgente

This is a typical treat in christmas time but now it’s available in traditional pastry shops,or even better, in festivals (both summer and winter ones).

More specifically, during festivals or patron celebrations there are food trucks that prepare this delicacy quickly, on the spot.

What is it?

It’s a type of sweet made with cooked almonds, honey, and sugar.

It’s very crunchy and available in many shapes and sizes, from a bar to a small cookie type piece.

It keeps easy so it’s possible to buy a good amount and have them later.

The most well-known Cupeta store is located in Martano and takes the form of the famous and historic Bar Stella, where the entire Stella family works, including the legendary cupeta master, Roberto Ferruccio Stella, who hands down the tradition of this dessert in exemplary manner. 

There really are many companies in Apulia that pack a product, keeping the traditional recipes intact.

It’s beautiful to travel and completely rely on the knowledge of the local people.

And this is what you’ll find, should you choose Tenuta la Baronessa as the base for your holidays in Salento.

And if you didn’t have the time to go and buy these products on location, you’ll have a great option with our little corner shop dedicated to the specialties of Apulia.

There you can buy some after a small taste test of olive oil or wine with our experts, Tanios and Lara, or you can find a number of sweets such as scaiozzi or sweet taralli.

This small shop has been designed with tradition in mind, in fact every product we offer inside has first been tested and tasted by our dedicated staff to ensure the quality of the raw materials and an optimal state of preservation.

If you can’t wait to taste these incredible products, just plan your next holidays in Apulia, near Gallipoli, at our Resort: have a look on our offer here!

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