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The most beautiful beaches in Apulia – Adriatic sea

The Adriatic coast is characterized by cliffs covered by Mediterranean maquis that sweep down to the sea, and by coastal towns that seem to have been built in a precarious position.

The coast here, whether it’s the sandy beaches in the north of Otranto or those rocky ones in the south, is beautiful.

In this article we’ll take a look at the best beaches to visit.


(46 minutes from Tenuta la Baronessa)

ponte ciolo
Ciolo beach, Instagram Credit: Brunnobollella

It stands as a small pebbly cove, reachable by long stone stairs, that’s embedded between the ravine’s high walls that extend from Gagliano del Capo to the sea. 

The close proximity to the Grotta del Ciolo (you can only visit it coming from the sea) and a high bridge (around 36m) that runs through the deep gorge has made this beach famous.

Some daredevils dive in the water from the bridge.

And a unique tidbit? The name comes from the term (in the area’s dialect) “Giole” or “Ciole” which was what they called the “thieving magpies” that roamed the channel.   

2.Cala di Porto Badisco

(54 minutes from Tenuta la Baronessa)

porto badisco double dario
Porto Badisco. Instagram Credit: doubledario

It’s a very small sandy beach located right in the centre of this tourist area. It’s known for 2 main reasons: the sea urchins (when not the biological rest period, which is from May 1st to June 30th) and the diving.

Where can you try the sea urchins of Porto Basisco? Well obviously at the “Bar Alimentari Tabacchi Da Carlo” , an historic bar that is also a restaurant, it’s simple and homemade: A definite must try!   

3.Baia dei turchi – Otranto

( 44 minutes from Tenuta la Baronessa)

baia dei turchi
Baia dei Turchi , Otranto. Instagram credit: vincentialberto

Baia dei Turchi, which belongs to the Protected Oasis of the lakes Alimini, has this unusual name because according to tradition in the 15th century the Turks would have landed in this area to conquer Otranto.

This stretch of beach is bordered by a dense pine forest which then leads to the coast where it widens with super fine sand.

Excitement is guaranteed here: it’s like you’re in the Caribbean!

4. “Baia dell’Orte – Otranto

( 46 minutes from Tenuta la Baronessa)

baia otranto
Baia dell’Orte, Facebook credits: @orteotranto

Not too far from Otranto, you can get to this splendid, uncontaminated coast.

It’s a string of rocky sections and small sandy coves.

To reach this bay, you have to walk along a nature path that will allow you to discover another wonder of this place: “il lago di Bauxite” (Bauxite lake).

It’s necessary to point out that in this area you won’t find any kind of services as it’s an uncontaminated area.

5. Torre dell’Orso Beach – Melendugno

(49 minutes from Tenuta la Baronessa)

torre dell'orso
Torre dell’Orso. Instagram credits: davide_meroni100

Belonging to the municipality of Melendugno, Torre dell’Orso is a long sandy bay (of around 800 metres), bordered from one side to the other by impressive cliffs around 40 metres tall.

Behind this bay is an area of mediterranean maquia.

One insider tip? Just in front of the beach you’ll find a dessert bar that’s so good, it’s called “Dentoni”. There I suggest that you try the best cake-crepe ever.

6.San Foca beach

(56 minutes from Tenuta la Baronessa)

spiaggia di san foca
San Foca. Instagram credits: erika.linciano

Small, but nicely located in the centre of San Foca, this beach is near the harbour.

Convenient parking right next to the entrance, fully equipped beach facilities as well as free access areas.  

7.San Cataldo beach

(42 minutes from Tenuta la Baronessa)

spiaggi a di san cataldo
San Cataldo, Flickr credits: baffalie

This beach is one of the preferred destinations by families with children as it goes along a small inlet that shelters it from the strong Tramontana wind (a cold wind coming from the north), that’s so dear to Apulia.

One of its unique aspects? Its seabed is rich with ancient relics, including the famous “submerged church”, which is a super sought after attraction while snorkelling.

 8.Cala dell’Acquaviva -Diso

(48 minutes from Tenuta la Baronessa)

marina dell'acquaviva
Acquaviva , instagram credits: francesco.giannotta

Just a stone’s throw away from Castro, this small cove is truly for only a few!

This beach is literally a piece of heaven.

It’s easy to reach, has convenient parking, a small pine forest, and fun fact, the presence of fresh water springs that flow into the sea at this spot gives a pleasant and charming feeling, especially during the warmer months.  

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