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A beautiful beach to see in Salento, in the South of Apulia? Mancaversa!

During Summer, the Salento peninsula becomes home of thousands of tourists, who are enchanted by the wilderness of the landscape and by the lively nightlife. In order to avoid the chaos and very expensive rents in areas such as Gallipoli and Otranto, many consider staying in small towns nearby and then drive around independently.

One of the favourite destinations is Marina di Mancaversa, located only 6 km away from Gallipoli and standing on the Ionic side. The local life is much quieter, with a weekly market happening on Monday mornings and the family-run food and grocery shops.

The Mancaversa coast is mostly sandy or rocky. We have created for you a list of perfect beach spots for those of you who prefer sunbathing and relaxing far away from the masses.

Mancaversa dei Cavalli

It was named “Mancaversa dei Cavalli” (Mancaversa of the horses) as it was a dedicated spot for washing the horses that used to pull the locals’ carts and carriages at the beginning of the 1900s. Nowadays, it is the chosen destination by families, thanks to the small inlet with a low water level, perfect for children. It is also popular among young people for the side rocks that allow them to start a canoeing trip exploring the offshore.

Mancaversa dei cavalli
Flickr Credits: Luca Bove


Located only a few feet away from the beach aforementioned, Paterte is accessible from a small promenade and it hosts (again!) many families.

kleiner Strand in Mancaversa
Flickr Credits: bhuhnbeauftragter

La Reniceddha

It is a tiny sandy beach, unknown to the most. Accessible from a small and quiet piazza, it is given access via a rocky path that goes all the way down to the sandy shore. Perfect for a quick dive!

Instagram Credits: giu_dallerive


Favourite destination of all locals and area-savvy tourists, Tabarano is a very particular destination, characterised by flat rocks and transparent and deep waters.

Instagram Credit: stiep_rs


Technically belonging to the Gallipoli territory but far easier to reach from Mancaversa, Cotriero is one of the top destinations for young people, thanks to the large sandy beach, the live music and the happy hour parties at sunset.

Flickr  Credits: Loocia

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