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5 beaches in Gallipoli for a windy day + 1 tip

Crystal-clear water and hot sun on the skin, finest sand or jagged cliffs overlooking the sea: in Gallipoli you will be spoilt for choice. In this blog post, I want to show you some postcard landscape scenery with small rocky coves dispersed from North to South along Gallipoli coast.

Purità Beach – The Puritate 

wheere to go gallipoli sandy beaches  tenuta la baronessa blog
Credits Instagram : @caprarogiuseppe

This is the only strip of land in the historic centre of Gallipoli. You have to park the car in the port area to get to it. Take care: the historic centre is a restricted traffic zone, so for having a fantastic plunge in the Puritate’s glimpse, you need to leave the car in the parking area. Just a little tip: beach towel on your shoulder and flip-flops; that’s because you have to walk for 200 meters, from the port to the beach.

Punta della Suina

gallipoli sandy beaches punta della suina tenuta la baronessa blog
Punta della Suina @phleonardonegro

It is famous for the Lido it has been named after, but few people know that the pine grove behind the coast is one of the green lung in Gallipoli. 

The set is wonderful, thanks to the perfect harmony between sand and rocks. The island in front of it is a tiny and walkable piece of rock. The lido is very expensive, since it is sought-after by VIP. The italian singer Biagio Antonacci chose it as the set for his videoclip “Non vivo più senza te”. Honestly, the rocky cove is great, especially if you explore the seabed with mask and fins, but in some period in summer it becomes crowded (I refer to the last week of July and the two weeks of mid-august).

Anmi – Zona porto Gallipoli

gallipoli sandy beaches historical center tenuta la baronessa blog
Right side of the historical centre of Gallipoli Bridge – Credits Instagram @phleonardonegro

It’s one of the selections of the authentic Gallipoli’s inhabitants. If you’re tired of chaotic beaches, you can relax on the small harbour observing the coming and going of the fishing boats coming back. 

It’s true, it is near the port area, but it would be worth if you stay close to the red lighthouse. The place is not suitable for children, even if there are small paved stairs. 

There might be sea urchins on the surface rocks, so it is better to equip yourself with water shoes. 

Lidos in Baia Verde

gallipoli sandy beaches baia verde tenuta la baronessa blog
Baia verde -Instagram credits @laloralau

First of all, the Samsara Beach: it needs no introductions, thanks to its national importance. Recently, it has been in the eye of the storm, but what matters is the organization as well as the service for giving you a spectacular musical experience that you’ll never forget! There are also other similar lidos. Our reception team will give you all useful information to help you in choosing the best place in Gallipoli. 

Dunes (beyond major hotels)

gallipoli sandy beaches dunes tenuta la baronessa blog
Instagram credits: @ gullgull26

We are talking about a free beach area. Personally, I really like it since it reminds me of Porto Selvaggio. The dunes move the beach and beyond it, there is a thick pine forest where you can take a rest without getting burnt by the sun. In addition to the nap, you can also have a packed lunch, but take care of picking up the garbage. 

So, you are spoilt for choice, but you always have something to consider when going to the sea: the wind. 

Our land is between two seas: the Ionian sea and the Adriatic one. We have a saying, “lu sule, lu mare, lu ientu”, that means “the sun, the sea, the wind”. Do you know it? 

The wind can influence your day, but I’m giving you a little trick: if it is Tramontane, so the wind blows from the North to the South, you can go to Baia Verde: Samsara, Lido Zen and Lido Sottovento. 

If it is Sirocco (and the wind blows from the South to the North) it’s better to think about Purità Beach, Punta della Suina, Amni or Dunes beyond hotels. 

Every morning you can stop to the reception and ask information: we are equipped for suggesting you the best place… all we have to do is checking what wind blows on Gallipoli. 

If you can’t wait to see these incredible places, just plan your next holidays in Apulia,near Gallipoli,at our Resort: Let’s have a look at our offers

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